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More Cat Humor

Why It's Better To Have A Cat Than A Girlfriend/Boyfriend:

1. A cat won't wake you up at 3 am because it feels romantic.
2. A cat doesn't use the phone for hours.
3. A cat loves you until it dies.
4. You don't have to tell your cat you love it - it *knows* you do.
5. A cat never asks you if you think it's getting fat.
6. You don't need to help your cat open a jar or do it's taxes.
7. A cat doesn't care if you've been eating for two days straight(as long as you share).
8. A cat doesn't try to borrow money from you.
9. You don't need to buy your cat expensive presents on its birthday.
10. You don't need to buy your cats mother expensive presents on her birthday.
11. Your boyfriend/girlfriend can't curl up on your lap and purr.. at least not comfortably.
12. If there's a mouse in the house, the cat kills it, instead of making a lot of fuss about it.
13. A cat doesn't get a midlife crisis.
14. A cat doesn't get PMS.
15. A cat won't hate you if you have it fixed.

How Old Is Your Cat?

Your Cat's Age Compared to Human Years....
6 months - 10 years
8 months - 13 years
1 year - 15 years
2 - 24 years
3 - 28 years
4 - 32 years
6 - 40 years
8 - 48 years
10 - 56 years
12 - 64 years
14 - 72 years
15 - 76 years
16 - 82 years
18 - 88 years
20 - 96 years
21 - 100 years
22 - 104 years

Why Cats Are Better Than Children!

  • You don't need a mate to have a cat.
  • Cleaning a litterbox once a day is a lot easier than changing diapers several times a day. (Of course, children *do* eventually outgrow the need for diapers.)
  • Cats will gladly eat the same food, day after day, for years at a time. Children will too, but only if it's hamburgers or pizza.
  • By the time cats reach their teenage years, they're senior citizens!
  • Cats always wash behind their ears.
  • You'll never go broke buying trendy fashions so your cat will fit in with the "in" crowed.
  • While your cat may spend a lot of time on your computer (especially on the nice, warm monitor), odds are it will never pester you for its own machine or whine because it doesn't have the game software.
  • Cats don't want pets of their own (most of the time, that is); they're satisfied to have us.
  • Very few cat-toys require a never-ending supply of batteries, Barbie clothes, add-on kits, a complete line of action figures, or replacement parts.
  • If a cat doesn't like what you're watching on TV, it usually won't sit there and whine, "But I never get to watch *anything* I like!"
  • Cats don't object to taking midday naps. (They may object to going to be early, however.)
  • As a rule, cats do not tie up the telephone for hours on end; this makes them especially attractive to Internet Surfers!

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