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Cats truly do have 9 lives. My cat, Cobee, has used up at least one of them. In the spring of 2000 he had a nasty reaction to a ring worm medication called Fulvicin. It caused a severe reaction and suppressed an element in his bone marrow!! Thanks to the quick thinking of Dr. J. Russell at the SPCA Hospital and the amazing knowledge of Dr L. Braun and the staff of the Animal Critical Care Group he is still with us to this day. Please remember to ask your vet about ALL the side effects from any medication before you give your pets anything new. It could cost them their lives! Now on to Cobee's intro...

Cobee(short for Cobalt) is my "problem child". He was born in August of 99... and is not called "Evil Kitty" for nothing! As bratty as he is cute, he has left his mark on our hearts.. and our furniture!

He was adopted from the SPCA Hospital in Vancouver on Wednesday December 8th, 1999. I had already adopted my other cat Ally from the same place (which is also my workplace) but the previous October my husband Julian and I agreed that we would get one more cat and since it was our dating anniversary Julian even offered to pay for the adoption. I had really meant to adopt an older cat.. but I took one look at Cobee (then named Chucky) and was lost.

I usually prefer brown tabbies (Cobee is a seal point siamese cross), but I saw this little brown face peering out from a cage, and heard this little squeaky mew.. and I fell in love with him then and there. He was in the hospital because his previous owner thought he had a broken leg and couldn't afford the surgery so she surrendered him. It turned out there was no fracture, and since he could go up for adoption I took him home as quickly as I could! Sometimes I wonder what I have gotten myself in to!

Don't get me wrong, Julian and I love him very much (although I do call him "Evil Demon Spawn" when he is bad - and that's often). All kidding aside though, even with his naughty streak, he's very sweet, friendly, talkative and affectionate, but like that saying goes "When he's good he's very, very good.. but when he's bad he's AWFUL!". He loves being cuddled and petted. His favorite toys include anything that moves, but especially SOCKS. He gets along really well with my other cat, Ally. Within the 1st week of bringing him home they were old buddies.

I hope that anyone who is thinking about getting a pet will go to their local shelters and adopt one from there.. there are lots of wonderful (and some crazy) pets just like Cobee & Ally who need homes!

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