Save A Paw.. Don't Declaw!

To declaw or not to declaw. That is the question...
The answer is NOT to declaw, of course.

Declawing is essentially mutilating your cat's paws, by taking off their nails at the first knuckle. And then to compound the cruelty, expecting your cat to walk on those very feet. Cats walk nail first. Can you imagine the pain they would have to go through, just to save a few pieces of furniture? And what if they were accidentally let outside? How could they protect themselves against other animals? Is your cat's LIFE and wellbeing worth it? Have you even considered the alternatives?

I know the frustration of chasing your cat away from furniture that they seem to be drawn irresistably too, no matter what you do.. but no furniture is important enough to me to torture Ally & Cobee, giving, loving, breathing creatures. They are simply more important than that. They are mychildren, my friends, my companions. And they trust me to love them, nails and all.

If you are still thinking of having your cat declawed please check out the alternatives, and check out these sites for more info