My Two Cents on Pet Care

I work for the Vancouver SPCA. As a receptionist I get to hear a lot of stories, and see a lot of awful things right before my very eyes...

If it's not the unneutered male cat with the huge, gaping abscess on his neck from fighting...

It's the 8 week old kitten with a broken leg who's owner threw her against the wall for scratching a poster...

Or it's the puppy with Parvo virus because his owners never bothered to get his puppy shots until it is too late..

Then there are the folks who don't want to spare the expense of having thier pets spayed or neutered because it's too much money ($45 at our shelter's hospital) or it's "mean and against nature" then who dump the cat and her newly born litter of kittens off at the shelter because the "%$##%!@" thing got knocked up again.

There are alot of animal organizations created to help low income families spay or neuter thier pets.. but pet care doesn't stop there.. there are vaccinations, vet appointments, grooming, and proper care of your pet.

If anyone is tempted to buy that little puppy or that fuzzy kitten from a store or a friend.. please ask yourself these questions?

Having a pet is a BIG responsibility. Unless you are considering all of these options, and really, truly feel that you can handle the responsibility.. maybe you should reconsider.

A pet isn't something that can be brought out when you feel like it to show off to friends, or compliment your decor. They are living, breathing creatures who depend on us to give them a safe, secure home and the right to a healthy, happy life..

email me at jusan@intergate.bc.ca!