Please Spay or Neuter Your Pet

The Numbers say it all.. An unaltered pet can reproduce so many offspring in just one year.. and those babies will go on to reproduce more.. and more.. and more.. We all love kittens and puppies.. how can we not? But if you could just go into a shelter and see how many of those kittens and puppies wind up being humanely destroyed simply because there are NOT enough homes for all of them.. maybe you would think twice before you let your cat or dog breed.

Unaltered pets roam far from home trying to answer nature's call.. many wind up injured in fights, lost and wandering the streets trying to find their way back home, in some shelter far away from home.. or worst of all, dead from attacks from other animals, or being struck by cars.

Keep your pets safe and at home. Neuter or spay today. Or if you are looking for a new pet, instead of buying from a pet store, or a neighbour, which just enourages more breeding, think about going to your local shelter to adopt a grown dog or cat. Give them a chance too. They may be the companion of a lifetime, and just because they aren't babies, doesn't mean they don't have a lot of love to give..

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