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Tips: Identification & Vaccinations!

Working in the SPCA Hospital gives me a very good perspective on why pets can go missing and why they are not reunited with their owners quickly. When you are having your pet spayed or neutered please seriously consider having them tattooed or microchipped at the same time. The discomfort is minimal, and can very well be the only way they can ever be traced back to you if they are lost.

The SPCA offers tattooing at no charge when your pet is being spayed/neutered or in for surgery such as dental work. A simple series of letters and numbers are etched into your pets ear after they are under anesthesia, and the numbers are recorded into the SPCA's computers for easy indentification.

If you have already had your pet tattooed or microchipped PLEASE remember to keep your address and phone number up to date with which ever clinic did the procedure. These devices are only effective if information is correct and up to date.
Please keep in mind that these procedures are usually only done when a pet is already scheduled for some sort of surgery, as pets should not be anesthetized too much for their own protection. For more information, call your local vet clinic.

And don't forget to keep your pet's vaccinations up to date. Most people don't realize that distemper and rabies are very prevelent in cities, and quite easy for pets to be exposed to. Drop by your vet and ask about how many vaccinations your pet needs to be safe and healthy. Even those indoor pets can still be exposed to harmful diseases. Don't delay. Vaccinate today!

Please do keep in mind, however, that the only truly safe cat, is an indoor cat. And the only safe dog is one who is confinted to his own home and backyard, or on a leash. Back in the days where streets were quieter, and wild animals were not forced to forage in the city due to deforestation, it may have been safe to let your pet out to prowl.. but now it's just not safe anymore. Trust me. In my line of work I see SO many cats and dogs that have to be euthanized every day because they were running loose and got hit by cars or attacked by other animals. It CAN happen to you. An outdoor cat's lifespan is generally 2 years. An indoor cat's lifespan is generally 17 YEARS. Please think about keeping your cats indoors and your dogs securely in the home or the yard.